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Économies populaires et socialisations par le bas

Ethnographie d’un marché biffin parisien
Popular Economies and Socialization From Below: An Ethnography of a Parisian Biffin Market
Mélanie Duclos
p. 201-223


Since the 1980s, in France and in Europe more generally, popular economies are re-emerging, particularly biffins markets, informal markets of objects retrieved from the garbage. Based on an ethnography of a Parisian biffin market, this article examines these actors’ conflictual relationships to their work, between being subjected to such a situation yet also the pleasure of this activity. Although at first their work is the consequence of extreme constraint, this work and the marketplace become characterized by their efforts to produce alternative socialities to the dominant ones. Without being completely realized, these horizons of positivity and horizontality nevertheless provide answers to the destructive dynamics that lie at the origin of their situation and their work, and by the very ones who are subjected to these dynamics.

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Bibliographical reference

Mélanie Duclos, « Économies populaires et socialisations par le bas », Journal des anthropologues, 158-159 | 2019, 201-223.

Electronic reference

Mélanie Duclos, « Économies populaires et socialisations par le bas », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 158-159 | 2019, Online since 03 January 2022, connection on 05 August 2020. URL :

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About the author

Mélanie Duclos

Université de Bretagne occidentale (UBO) - Laboratoire d’études et de recherche en sociologie (LABERS) - UFR Lettres et sciences humaines.
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