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About the Journal des anthropologues

The main aim of the Journal des Anthropologues is to encourage the distribution of recent anthropological work concerning the transformation of the contemporary world and the new research objects. Each issue is based on a comparative perspective, bringing together research in a variety of cultural areas. There is analysis of the discipline’s practices and evolution, also from pluri-disciplinary points of view. Careful attention is paid to epistemological aspects and fieldwork. With these directions in mind, the journal’s editorial committee has published works by well-established researchers as well as young researchers exploring new fields of enquiry.

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Latest issue
158-159 | 2019
Subjectivations du(es) / au travail

Subjectivations Due to / at Work

Globalizing teleologies and numerous discourses and analyses have insisted widely on potential renewals in the worlds of work. How do those directly involved consider and experience work? What are the modes of subjectivation due to work or produced about it? Do they reflect an internalization of imposed conditions, standards, and places? Or alternatively, do they demonstrate attempts to approach work by inventing new forms? These are the central questions of this issue, which includes ten ethnographic contributions on a diverse range of professions and work configurations. Bringing them together draws a contrasting picture of subjectivations in labor, pointing towards multiple horizons of expectations: from the physical standardization of bodies to the quest for recognition, through attempts to free oneself from traditional organizational frameworks to invent, at times, alternative political horizons.

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