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Editorial policy and instructions for authors

The purpose of the Journal de la Société des américanistes is to disseminate studies on Indigenous and Creole cultures and societies of the Americas. Articles on ethnology, history, linguistics and archaeology are published in a yearly volume that can contain several issues. Every text submitted for publication must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted, even if the other publication is in different language.

Manuscript format

The authors of articles and research notes must send their manuscripts to the editors of the journal by e-mail, with texts in .doc format and illustrations in .tiff, .jpg, .eps or .ai (original file). Illustrations must be sent separately.

In principle, articles should not exceed 60,000 characters (spaces included).

The title page must include: the title of the article, the name(s) of the author(s), their e-mail address(es), and the postal address(es) of their institution(s). Every article must be preceded by an abstract (10 lines maximum), written or translated by the author in French, in English and in Spanish (or Portuguese). It is up to the author to suggest five or six keywords at the end of each abstract (in each language), to be used for the indexing of the work.

We recommend that you not use styles in Word, and to very clearly indicate the header levels in the text. Be careful not to make excessive use of capitalisation and italics. We also prefer that you avoid bold text, underlining and abbreviations.

References to footnotes should appear within the text, numbered sequentially.

Complete bibliographical references should be provided in the form of an alphabetical and chronological list (in ascending order) at the end of the text, respecting the current conventions used in the Journal.



For a book

Last Name [small caps] First Name (of the author) and First Name Last Name (of the co-author)

Date Book title, publisher (collection, no.), city.


Galinier Jacques and Antoinette Molinié

2006 Les Néo-Indiens. Une religion du IIIe millénaire, Odile Jacob, Paris


For an article in a periodical

Last name [small caps] First name (of the author)

Date “Article title,” Journal Title, issue, p. xx-xx [pagination].


Vapnarsky Valentina

1986 “Paralelismo, ciclicidad y creatividad en el arte verbal maya yucateco,” Estudios de cultura maya, 22, p. 155-199.


For a book chapter

Last name [small caps] First name (of the author) and First Name Last Name (of the second author)

Date “Article title,” in [roman if followed by a title in italics] First Name Last Name [author 1] and First name Last Name [author 2] (eds.), Book title, publisher (collection, no.), city, p. xx-xx [page range].


Reents-Budet Dorie, Ellen E. Bell, Loa P. Traxler, and Ronald L. Bishop

2004 “Early classic ceramic offerings at Copan: a comparison of the Hunal, Margarita, and Sub-jaguar tombs,” in Ellen E. Bell, Marcello A. Canuto, and Robert J. Sharer (eds.), Understanding early classic Copan, University of Pennsylvania/Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, p. 159-190.



All illustrations included in the article are called « figures » and must be cited in the text. Authors should take into consideration that every document must undergo reduction prior to publication: a highly detailed, large illustration containing annotations in small characters could become illegible. We recommend a resolution of 1200 dpi for line-drawn illustrations and 300 dpi for photographs. Every illustrated manuscript must be accompanied by a list of captions with their text. Charts and maps should include a scale in centimetres and a directional arrow. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce the illustrations they include.

Manuscript selection

The editorial committee decides on the publication of manuscripts offered to the Journal after having submitted them to at least two readers, who may or may not be members of the committee. Contributions can be published in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and even German or Italian. The editorial committee reserves the right to reject manuscripts or return them for revision. A rejection can be either permanent or conditional. Re-submission is sometimes possible after changes have been made to the work initially submitted. The editorial committee’s opinions are sent to authors by e-mail.

Responsibility of authors and co-authors

Authors are responsible for the content of their contributions, particularly the accuracy of their quotations and references. Authors are legally responsible for obtaining written authorisation to reproduce, figures, tables or other data, particularly those protected by copyright. The source of each figure, table, etc. must be indicated in the caption.

In the case of multiple authorship, the author who sends the contribution to the Journal must have reached agreement with all co-authors on the content, as well as on the order in which the names should appear on the work.

The Journal offers no payment, nor does it offer services such as text input, translation, photocopying, design, plate editing, etc.

Information requests

All enquiries concerning the journal should be sent to the editorial staff:

Journal de la Société des américanistes
MSH Mondes
21, allée de l’université
Nanterre cedex

tel: 01 46 69 26 34

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