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Valentina Vapnarsky, Fabienne de Pierrebourg, Dominique Michelet

In memoriam Claude François Baudez. Mastering time

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In memoriam Claude François Baudez. Maîtriser le temps
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In memoriam Claude François Baudez. Dominar el tiempo

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There is no doubt that the Mayas as well as representing time by means of a path in space, also stage ceremonial walks at the end of each cycle.
This ritual aims to master time and, above all, to ensure continuity, avoiding ruptures.
Claude F. Baudez, Une histoire de la religion des Mayas, Albin Michel, Paris, 2002, p. 330 (our translation).

“Mastering time”

1The international conference organized by the Groupe d’enseignement et de recherche sur les Mayas et la Mésoamérique (GERM) and the musée du quai Branly, held a little more than a year after the death of our colleague and friend Claude F. Baudez, was dedicated to him. Another way of mastering time, through memory. We would like this opus to be the mark of our respect, admiration and friendship towards him.

2The work of C. F. Baudez was vast and wide-reaching. He is an example for us all for his constant curiosity about everything that makes up Mesoamerica’s history and culture, as well as the artistic legacy which it has contributed to humanity. His work continues to raise new questions and stimulate further studies. Through different lines of research, which combine archeology and iconology in particular, he was able to propose many inventive but prudent insights into Mayan religions—he insisted on the plural. With a constant appetite for discussion and an unfailing complicity with all those who investigate anthropology, history, art and, of course, archeology, Claude tirelessly nourished the three principles developed by the group of colleagues of which he was a kingpin: confrontation and collaboration between disciplines, comparison from near to far, teaching and share of knowledge. Throughout his life, he represented and communicated both the concerns and the joys that provide new insights in all scientific work.

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