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Dossier Le Sepik : société et production matérielle


Christian Kaufmann, Philippe Peltier et Markus Schindlbeck
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Why art matters
The impact of recent transformations
A plea for a new direction in museum research

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At the end of our exploratory mission, let us take a moment to look back and ask ourselves a few questions: How did the themes of the three symposiums dealing with anthropological research in the Sepik area evolve? And how did the materiality of artworks as well as the creativity of artists, in short, the subject of art, become intrinsically linked with the more general approach comparing cultural entities or phenomena across the region? And last but not least, how does the materiality of artworks relate to other registers of material culture in an anthropological perspective?

In the introduction to this volume, we evoked how anthropologists from 1910 onwards chose ways to describe and analyse varieties of cultural forms and structures found in the Sepik area with a view to identifying common traits. The findings of the 1984 conference were grouped under the title “Sepik heritage: tradition and change, opening a perspective for looking at new dynamics”. Of course, many contributions...

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Christian Kaufmann, Philippe Peltier et Markus Schindlbeck, « Conclusion », Journal de la Société des Océanistes [En ligne], 146 | 2018, mis en ligne le 15 juillet 2020, consulté le 15 décembre 2018. URL :

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Christian Kaufmann

Honorary Research Associate, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK,

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Philippe Peltier

Senior Curator at the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac in Paris,

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Markus Schindlbeck

Former curator of the South Pacific Department, Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin,

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