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The Journal de la société des océanistes has existed since 1945. Its aim is to publish all academic articles about Oceania, in the broadest definition of the term, and in particular about the past and present of its populations. For several years each volume has been based on a specific theme, to which are also added the journal’s usual columns, including varia, news, reviews and lists of received works. The Journal de la société des océanistes publishes two issues a year (or one double issue) and is supported by the CNRS and CNL.

Journal supported by the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales (CNRS).

Latest issue
155 | 2022
Histoires, matérialités et muséographies des collections océaniennes. Études de cas

Histories, materiality and museographies of Oceanic collections. Some case studies
Couverture du n° 155 | déc 2022
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