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Linda Collinge-Germain et Emmanuel Vernadakis

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1We are pleased to present this special issue on the stories of Alice Munro, one of the greatest short story writers in contemporary literature. It was put together by Professor Héliane Ventura, our guest editor, one of France’s leading scholars in Canadian studies in general and Munro’s fiction in particular. Professor Héliane Ventura is also a specialist in classical studies, European mythology and the relationship between text and image. She has a scholarly and personal approach which makes the volume both absorbing and highly stimulating. We are grateful to Professor Héliane Ventura for the quality of the issue, one which will certainly be noted, prized and quoted by general readers, Munro scholars and enthusiasts alike.

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Linda Collinge-Germain, Emmanuel Vernadakis, "Foreword", Journal of the Short Story in English, 55, autumn 2010, 11.

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Linda Collinge-Germain et Emmanuel Vernadakis, « Foreword »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 55 | Autumn 2010, mis en ligne le 01 janvier 2011, consulté le 28 février 2021. URL :

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Linda Collinge-Germain

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Emmanuel Vernadakis

Organisers of the Conference and Guest-Editors of this issue

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