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(Archived) International Conference: Unbraiding the Short Story

Juridicum, Vienna University, Vienna, Austria - 16-19 July 2014

13th International Conference on the Short Story in English

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Theme of the Conference

Like the braid, story brings a manifold diversity together into a sleek whole. Scholars, when unbraiding, are sure to discover much more than the sum of intrinsic parts, much more than individual tresses, some errant, some entwined. Story is open and closed, long and short, real and imaginary, traditional and daring, discovering new forms and content in an era of technological innovation and adaptation. The medium may change, but story, in its manifold representations, remains, regardless of country or language of origin.


Guidelines for papers and proposals


Individual papers should be scheduled for 20 minutes.

Pre-organized panels are welcome.  Normally, panels include three presenters, one of whom may be the moderator (if needed, external moderators may be assigned).  Each presenter must submit an individual abstract by the deadline via the online submission form.

Only registrants may present papers or organize or moderate panels. Final acceptance hinges on registration (Registration details are on the website).

Proposals and abstracts should be sent by 10 January 2014 (final deadline).

Suggested Topics

History of the Short Story - Literary Movements and the Short Story - Short Fiction Theory - Short Story Subgenres - Short Story and the Canon - Short Story and Psychology - Short Story and Philosophy - Genre Slippage - Closure in the Short Story - Short Story Rhetoric - Short Story and Storytelling - Short-Short Stories or Flash Fiction - - Short Story Cycles - Short Story and Life Writing - Writing the Short Story - Translating the Short Story - Short Story and Culture - Short Story and the Visual Arts/Dance/Music/Theater - Short Story and the Media/Film/Hypertext/Multimedia - Short Story and Code Switching - Modernism and the Short Story - Postcolonialism and the Short Story - Postmodernism and the Short Story - Short Story Editing and Anthologizing - Short Story Publishing - Short Story Reception - Short Story and Pedagogy - Magical Realism and the short story - National traditions (e.g., Irish, Australian, Canadian, Taiwanese, German, ...) - Short stories and politics - Gay and Lesbian short stories; and Short Story issues - Anglophone short stories from other countries and continents - Philosophy and the Short Story - Historical approaches to the Short Story - The Short Story and the oral tradition.

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