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Selective Bibliography

Bernard Cardin

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Collections or Selections of Stories Under Study

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Studies of the Irish Short Story

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Bernard Cardin

Bertrand Cardin, Professor of English at the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (France), is the author of a book combining six textual analyses with theoretically informed readings of a single short story by John McGahern “Korea,” Lectures d’un texte étoilé (L’Harmattan, Paris, 2009). He also wrote a book on father-son relationships in the contemporary Irish novel, entitled Miroirs de la filiation. Parcours dans huit romans irlandais contemporains (Presses Universitaires de Caen, 2005) and co-edited, with Professor Claude Fierobe, Irlande, Écritures et réécritures de la Famine (Presses Universitaires de Caen, 2007) and, with Professor Sylvie Mikowski, Écrivaines irlandaises/Irish Women Writers (Presses Universitaires de Caen, 2013). He has also published many articles about contemporary Irish novelists and short story writers.

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