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Chess Problems and the Otherworld in Nabokov’s Short Stories

Eric Hyman
p. 93-110


De nombreuses nouvelles de Vladimir Nabokov sont structurées comme des problèmes d’échecs, qui sont basés sur des motifs et diffèrent des parties d'échecs, qui dépendent quant à elles des événements. Ainsi, lire une nouvelle de Nabokov revient à résoudre un problème d’échecs : les lecteurs sont mis au défi de trouver un coup clé expliquant tous les éléments du récit/problème d'échecs. Dans de nombreuses nouvelles de Nabokov, ce coup clé se connecte à un monde transcendant. Les nouvelles « The Vane Sisters », « Cloud, Castle, Lake » et « Details of a Sunset » sont paradigmatiques. Le coup clé de « Signs and Symbols » n’a jusqu'à présent pas été révélé de façon concluante.

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Vladimir Nabokov

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Chess problems are very different from chess games. A chess game is a sequential narrative, like a novel, with an Aristotelian opening, middle, and endgame, a contest between two opponents, White and Black. Not all of the pieces might be functional; some of the pawns at the far files might never move. A chess problem, on the other hand, is usually only two or three moves, is an entirely artificial construct, and is much more a patterned interaction than a narrative sequence; that is, it exists more in space than in time. The contest is between the composer and the solver, or would-be solver. The composer’s mission is to arrange the pieces so that one key move will lead to the postulated outcome, mate in two or three moves; and the solver’s objective is to figure out that key move. Every piece, even the most apparently irrelevant pawn or deceptively placed bishop, has a function, a function which is often not apparent at first. Nabokov composed and published chess problems (Poems and...

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Eric Hyman, « Chess Problems and the Otherworld in Nabokov’s Short Stories », Journal of the Short Story in English, 69 | 2017, 93-110.

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Eric Hyman, « Chess Problems and the Otherworld in Nabokov’s Short Stories », Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 69 | Autumn 2017, mis en ligne le 01 décembre 2019, consulté le 26 septembre 2018. URL :


Eric Hyman

Eric Hyman is a Professor of English at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina, where he teaches composition, British Literature, and linguistics. He holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. He is on the editorial board of the online journal GLINT, where his responsibility is reviewing short fiction submissions. His present contribution to the JSSE is a much expanded version of a paper given at the Vladimir Nabokov Society Meeting, Modern Language Association Convention, New York, 27 December 1996.

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