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Gérald Préher
p. 15-23

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Elizabeth Spencer

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“I started out scribbling out stories as soon as I learned how to write”
Spencer, “What it Means…” 91.

Five-time O. Henry Award winner Elizabeth Spencer often said that the sole purpose of her writing is to create a fictional world her readers can relate to. In the short essay “On Writing Fiction,” she explains:

I look on myself as a story teller and on each story I tell . . . as a unique thing demanding my best efforts. I give to each with considerable trepidation and considerable joy. I have for each as it appears before the great indifferent world, the qualm of a parent who sees her child arise to perform publicly for the first time. I wonder if the commas are all in place and the hair of each metaphor is properly combed. I wish, not myself, but the story to do well, to rise and shine. (71)

The most famous example of such a story is the celebrated “The Light in the Piazza” for it met instant success when it came out in The New Yorker in 1960 and is still regarded as emblematic of Sp...

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Gérald Préher, « Introduction », Journal of the Short Story in English, 72 | 2019, 15-23.

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Gérald Préher, « Introduction », Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 72 | Spring 2019, mis en ligne le 01 juin 2021, consulté le 28 novembre 2020. URL :


Gérald Préher

Lille Catholic University, CIRPaLL, JSSE Editor

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