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General Foreword

Gérald Préher, Xavier Le Brun et Michelle Ryan-Sautour
p. 13-17

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en décembre 2021.

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This issue of the Journal of the Short Story in English is a double-volume featuring a special and a general section. The articles included in the special section, “Region, Environment, and Community in American Literary Short Forms,” were selected by our colleague Ina Bergmann. They were meant, like the rest of this issue in fact, to honor the work and career of Jochen Achilles, who has actively promoted short story criticism and the short story as a genre—as the bibliography appended to Bergmann’s introduction amply demonstrates—and whose implication in the ENSFR (European Network for Short Fiction Research) proved both momentous and lasting. Jochen has been a key member of the ENSFR steering committee since its creation in 2014 and has played a pivotal role in expanding the network and coordinating its activities with other international organizations dedicated to short story research. This opening section, which includes six contributions, shows that region as a concept inextric...

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Gérald Préher, Xavier Le Brun et Michelle Ryan-Sautour, « General Foreword »Journal of the Short Story in English, 73 | 2019, 13-17.

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Gérald Préher, Xavier Le Brun et Michelle Ryan-Sautour, « General Foreword »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 73 | Autumn 2019, mis en ligne le 01 décembre 2021, consulté le 15 juin 2021. URL :

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Gérald Préher

Lille Catholic University, JSSE Editor

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Xavier Le Brun

University of Angers, JSSE Associate Editor

Michelle Ryan-Sautour

University of Angers, ENSFR Director

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