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Short Stories

La Famille

English translation
Edith Wharton
Traduction de Kate Wright
p. 323-335

Notes de la rédaction

Translated from the French by Kate Wright (with thanks to Don Clarke). Revised by Gérald Préher and Xavier Le Brun

Extrait du texte

Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en décembre 2021.



Aperçu du texte


“At last you’ve returned from the other world! What a joy to see you again, my sweet!”

Mme Le Chercheux, from the depths of her armchair, contemplated with near blissful satisfaction, the pretty figure of Miss Nina Alston, who was standing before her in the faded, tired, lacklustre parlour where, according to society gossips, some of the grandest Franco-American marriages were made.

An American herself, and once a young girl without much fortune or much beauty, Mme Le Chercheux had begun by marrying, one wasn’t exactly sure how, a ruined reveller, Baron Le Chercheux. This man, having made short work of his modest assets, politely separated from her, and Mme Le Chercheux, after having fought for some years against abject poverty, gathered a small inheritance which she did not offer to share with her husband. She made a living mostly, it was said, from the marriages she arranged between French nobility and wealthy overseas families. Her own marital misfortunes did not seem to have le...

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Edith Wharton, « La Famille »Journal of the Short Story in English, 73 | 2019, 323-335.

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Edith Wharton, « La Famille »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 73 | Autumn 2019, mis en ligne le 01 décembre 2021, consulté le 15 juin 2021. URL :

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Edith Wharton

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