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“Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth”; An Interview with Ron Rash

Bénédicte Meillon
p. 235-239

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Ron Rash
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This interview was conducted at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia in June 2016, when Ron Rash participated to the International Conference on Ecopoetics, “Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth,” and read from his then latest novel, Above the Waterfall.

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en juin 2022.

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Bénédicte Meillon: What is your favorite place in the world?

Ron Rash: The mountains of western North Carolina.

BM: What do you like about it?

RR: The beauty and the wildness.

BM: What place does nature occupy in your writing?

RR: It plays a major role. As humans we are part of nature and it is part of us. That is a reality, though too often we humans wish to deny it.

BM: Do animals play a great role in your writing?

RR: They do. I’ve always been interested in animals, especially reptiles and raptors. I’m particularly fascinated with animals that are near extinction or recently extinct.

BM: How about plants, minerals, and elements?

RR: Yes, to be true to the world where my work is set, I must show my readers all aspects of that world as vividly as possible, whether animal, plant, rock, even the composition of the soil.

BM: To what extent are your characters related to the environments you create for them?

RR: My characters and their landscapes are inextricable. At times, as in The Cove, landsc...

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Bénédicte Meillon, « “Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth”; An Interview with Ron Rash »Journal of the Short Story in English, 74 | 2020, 235-239.

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Bénédicte Meillon, « “Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth”; An Interview with Ron Rash »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 74 | Spring 2020, mis en ligne le 01 juin 2022, consulté le 27 janvier 2022. URL :

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Bénédicte Meillon

Bénédicte Meillon is an Associate Professor at the University of Perpignan. She runs the ecopoetics research workshop there and has created a network and Internet platform dedicated to ecopoetics and ecocriticism ( She is on the EASCLE Advisory Board. Her research explores ecopoetics of reenchantment, focusing mostly on magical realism, mythopoeia, and ecofeminism, with close attention to the intra-actions between naturecultures and the texture of language itself. She has published papers dealing with ecopoetic readings of environmental fiction by Barbara Kingsolver, Annie Proulx, Linda Hogan, Ann Pancake, and Ron Rash. She has also written papers dealing with fiction by Russell Banks, Roald Dahl, and Paul Auster. She has co-edited with Dr. Margot Lauwers a special issue of Crossways Journal: Lieux d’enchantement : approches écocritiques et écopoét(h)iques des liens entre humains et non-humains (2018). She has directed a volume on Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth (Lexington Books, 2020), and has also co-edited two transdisciplinary issues of Textes & Contextes on the reenchantment of urban wildness: the first, with Rachel Bouvet and Marie-Pierre Ramouche, dealing with eco- and geo-poetic approaches (June 2021) and the second, codirected with Sylvain Rode and Hélène Schmutz, with contributions in the Environmental Humanities (Nov. 2021). She is currently finishing a monograph titled Ecopoetics of Reenchantment and Liminal Realism. She is engaged in creative projects mobilizing arts and performance as a way to restore attention.

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