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Ron Rash’s Short Fiction: A Bibliography

Frédérique Spill, Randall Wilhelm et Gérald Préher
p. 261-266

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Ron Rash
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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en juin 2022.


Works by Ron Rash
Short Stories
Interviews (listed by interviewers’ names)
Secondary sources
Essays and Reviews

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Works by Ron Rash

Short Stories

The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina. 1994. Introduction by Ron Rash. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 2015. Print.

Casualties. Beaufort, SC: Bench Press, 2000. Print.

Chemistry and Other Stories. New York: Picador, 2007. Print.

Burning Bright: Stories. New York: HarperCollins, 2010. Print.

Nothing Gold Can Stay: Stories. New York: HarperCollins, 2013. Print.

Something Rich and Strange: Selected Stories. New York: Ecco, 2014. Print.

In The Valley: Stories and a Novella Based on Serena. New York: Doubleday, 2020. Print.


Eureka Mill: Poems. 1998. Foreword by Robert Morgan. New Introduction by Ron Rash. Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Press, 2008. Print.

Among the Believers: Poems. 2000. Introduction by Anthony Hecht. Oak Ridge, TN: Iris Press, 2013. Print.

Raising the Dead: Poems. Oak Ridge, TN: Iris Press, 2002. Print.

Waking. Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Press, 2011. Print.

Poems New and Selected. New York: Ecco, 201...

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Frédérique Spill, Randall Wilhelm et Gérald Préher, « Ron Rash’s Short Fiction: A Bibliography »Journal of the Short Story in English, 74 | 2020, 261-266.

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Frédérique Spill, Randall Wilhelm et Gérald Préher, « Ron Rash’s Short Fiction: A Bibliography »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 74 | Spring 2020, mis en ligne le 01 juin 2022, consulté le 27 janvier 2022. URL :

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Frédérique Spill

Frédérique Spill is Professor of American literature at the University of Picardy–Jules Verne in Amiens, France. She is the author of L’Idiotie dans l’œuvre de William Faulkner (PSN, 2009), soon to be published in English. She contributed to Critical Insights: The Sound and the Fury (Salem Press, 2014) and to Faulkner at Fifty: Tutors and Tyros (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014). She coedited The Wagon Moves: New Essays on As I Lay Dying, published in 2018 (L’Harmattan), as well as the spring 2018 issue of The Faulkner Journal. She has also published articles in French and in English on varied contemporary American authors including Flannery O’Connor, Cormac McCarthy, Robert Penn Warren, Jonathan Safran Foer, Nicole Krauss, Willa Cather, Russell Banks, Philip Roth, Toni Morrison, Elizabeth Spencer and Ron Rash. The Radiance of Small Things in Ron Rash’s Writing was published by the University of South Carolina Press in 2019.

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Randall Wilhelm

Randall Wilhelm is editor of The Ron Rash Reader (University of South Carolina Press, 2014), co-editor of Summoning the Dead: Essays on Ron Rash (University of South Carolina Press, 2018), and editor of Conversations with Robert Morgan (University Press of Mississippi, 2019). He holds degrees in both visual art and literature, and has published over forty essays on American, Southern, and Appalachian writers and artists. Wilhelm has written on Rash’s prose and poetry, including the essays “Ghostly Voices and Worker Bodies: Power and Resistance in Rash’s Eureka Mill” (South Carolina Review, 2010), “‘A Boxed and Stilled Forever’: Vision, Death and Affect in the Work of Ron Rash” (Summoning the Dead, 2018), and “Arresting Visions: Film Noir, Visual Detection, and the Invisible Corpse in Ron Rash’s One Foot in Eden” (Detecting the South in Fiction, Film, and Television, Louisiana State University Press, 2019). Wilhelm’s current work focuses on narrative visualities, undeadness, environmental theory, and object-oriented ontology. He is associate professor of English at Anderson University, South Carolina.

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Gérald Préher

Gérald Préher is Professor of American Studies at Lille Catholic University (France) and a member of the CIRPaLL (University of Angers, France). He defended a doctoral dissertation on southern literature and has written essays on various 19th and 20th century writers. He co-edited several collections of essays on American literature, is the editor of the Journal of the Short Story in English and the general editor of the review Résonances. He recently published a study of Carson McCullers’s The Heart is a Lonely Hunter as part of a book on Solitude and Community in the Novel (Atlande), has a forthcoming monograph on Elizabeth Spencer and a volume dedicated to Richard Ford in the Understanding Contemporary American Literature series.

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