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Linda Collinge et Emmanuel Vernadakis
p. 11-12

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1Among the numerous twentieth century short-story writers dealt with in the JSSE issues, Raymond Carver proves to be one of the favourites. In the general index, no less than 40 entries and more than 150 cross-references are listed under his name. The special interest of French and international academics to his stories made it a long-time project of the editors to devote a special issue to his work.

2The task was entrusted to a committed Carver specialist, Professor Vasiliki Fachard, whose various contributions on Carver published in previous issues of the Journal offered a particularly insightful and new approach to his fiction. Her article on “Fat” submitted for JSSE33 struck us in its systematic pursuit to make sense not merely of what the writer was saying but of all that he left unsaid. We welcomed her vision of Carver’s linguistic world as one of mysteries to be solved. She also seemed to be giving form to – rather than merely talking about – theoretical notions concerning the reader that have been with us for some time. Her analyses of Carver’s language in articles that followed (on “Vitamins,” “Collectors” etc.), investigated the crypts and labyrinths of his unconscious in his fiction; she persists in seeing his writing as Paul Valéry saw literature in general: “Je vois la littérature avec de tout autres yeux que vous – comme résolutions successives sémantiques.”

3Vasiliki Fachard studied French and Comparative Literature in France and the U.S. where she completed a Ph.D. on Paul Valéry. After a decade of teaching French at the State University of New York at Albany, she currently teaches in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her discovery of Carver was, in her own words, “bringing America back to her, irrevocably this time.” She undertook academic research on the writer and devoted several years to the putting together of the present issue.

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Linda Collinge et Emmanuel Vernadakis, « Foreword »Journal of the Short Story in English, 46 | 2006, 11-12.

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Linda Collinge et Emmanuel Vernadakis, « Foreword »Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 46 | Spring 2006, mis en ligne le 01 mars 2006, consulté le 29 novembre 2021. URL :

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