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1On behalf of the Board of the Text Encoding Initiative and my co-editors, Markus Flatscher and Kevin Hawkins, I am delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

2This Journal has been nearly three years in the making. It was a natural outgrowth of the expansion of the yearly members meeting into a conference format (beginning in 2007 with the University of Maryland meeting) that regularly attracts over 100 participants. It was felt by the TEI Board that a dedicated journal would be the ideal vehicle to build on the success of the conference as well as to capture the diverse scholarly interests of an ever more vibrant TEI user community. The following year, at the London meeting, a committee (consisting of myself, Gabriel Bodard, Lou Burnard, Julianne Nyhan, and Laurent Romary) was formed to explore the best way to achieve this goal. At the 2009 meeting in Ann Arbor, a full proposal was presented to the Board. It was adopted unanimously. Thus the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative was born.

3The committee decided that the journal should be published as an open-access online journal with TEI as the underlying data format. Moreover the committee felt that we should, if at all possible, avoid developing a new publication system. After investigating several platforms, with its TEI-native publishing platform was recommended to host the journal. It was also decided that we would endeavour to publish two issues a year: the autumn issue consisting of a selection of articles arising from the previous conference and the spring issue focusing on a topic of relevance to the TEI community.

4This inaugural issue consists of papers given at the London and Ann Arbor conferences. An introduction by two of the guest editors, Malte Rehbein and Kevin Hawkins, demonstrates just how wide-ranging and diverse the interests of the community have become; these articles truly represent the broad tent that is TEI scholarship today.

5This inaugural issue owes much to many people. Thanks are due first to the TEI Board, where the idea originated, for supporting it so wholeheartedly, and particularly to Dan O’Donnell, previous chair of the TEI Consortium, for his unfailing support. Thanks are also due to the committee that drew up the parameters of the Journal as well as to for agreeing to host the Journal and for providing much aid-in-kind in its production. The editors of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative have benefitted immensely from the French team’s experience and expertise as well as their enthusiasm for the TEI.

6Most of all, thanks are due to my co-editors, Markus Flatscher (Technical Editor) and Kevin Hawkins (Managing Editor), who have so generously given their time and expertise to make this project happen. No detail, large or small, has been beyond their notice. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and good humour has made seeing this issue into “print” a real pleasure. I also thank the guest editors of this first issue who admirably and with good humour suffered through our teething process as we put in place our workflows while at the same time going into production.

7At the 2008 London meeting the TEI celebrated its 21st birthday (a traditional rite of passage in the UK and Ireland). Another rite of passage for the TEI community is this Journal, marking one of the many milestones in the TEI becoming not only “a mature organization,” as Council Chair Laurent Romary would say, but a flourishing academic and intellectual community.

8Susan Schreibman
Trinity College Dublin

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Susan Schreibman, “Editorial Introduction to the First Issue”Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative [Online], Issue 1 | June 2011, Online since 08 June 2011, connection on 18 October 2021. URL:; DOI:

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Susan Schreibman

Trinity College Dublin

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