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Journal and Supplements

Kernos was created in 1987 and is the only scientific journal entirely devoted to the study of the religious facts and phenomena in ancient Greece. It aims at providing, not only to the scholars of this field, but also to everyone interested in religious problematics, an instrument of reflexion and working tools to progress in the knowledge of the religious system of the Greeks. The image of the kernos, a vessel with many cupules notably used for offerings, is a metaphor of the deliberatly multidisciplinary orientation of the journal.

Each annual issue of Kernos offers original papers, as well as chronicles, which review the recent scholarship developments in the field. Every year, the Epigraphical Bulletin, piloted by Angelos Chaniotis, provides a critical presentation of publications concerned by inscriptions connected to religion. The Chronique archéologique, achieved by a team of collaborators, supplies the same results in the archaeological domain. The Chronique bibliographique echoes recent publications in the field in critical reviews for the books sent to the journal and analytic inventories of articles.

Since 1992, a collection came to be added, as supplements to the annual issue. This collection includes monographs and proceedings of conferences, in particular the publication of the biennial meetings of the International Center for the Study of ancient Greek Religion, which is the promotor of all these publications.

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