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Data Sharing Policy

Laboreal is committed to the fundamentals of Open Science. For that reason, it encourages the authors to give free access to the data that support the findings presented in the papers.

Data that compromise protection, privacy or safety of those involved in the research cannot be revealed under no circumstances. In addition, no legal or ethical principles can be jeopardised.

This deposit must be made in advance or when the paper is submitted.

It is recommended to deposit in a data repository with a long-term file preservation plan and a record of persistent identifiers. A few suggestions of Public Repositories are made at to assist the authors. They can also use a general repository such as Zenodo, Open Science Framework, Dryad, DataVerse.

Authors are encouraged to follow quoting best practices regarding data sets. When applicable, information must be provided on where the data associated with the paper are located and under what conditions they can be accessed, using persistent identifiers, URL and DOI, when possible.

To ensure the blind assessment of the paper in double peer review, such information cannot be mentioned in the manuscript itself. Instead it is expected to be added in the submission dossier and the editor must be informed in the comments.

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