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Editorial Policy

A Virtual Platform on Real Work

Laboreal is a scientific journal with an international and multidisciplinary scope. It is indexed in scientific databases, with an open access digital edition and it releases unpublished texts twice a year. In order to give greater visibility to research and reflections produced in Spanish and in Portuguese, Laboreal also publishes the corresponding abstracts translated into French and English.

The journal stands for the principle of the centrality of work in individual and group history. Therefore, it privileges papers resulting from research works that promote such positioning and make room for new perspectives to modes of intervention in the design, accomplishment and transformation of work processes. The journal publishes mainly papers where the real work activity is the object of analysis. However, it also welcomes texts that choose different research methods. Following a partnership-based and non-hierarchical cooperation logic, Laboreal’s proposal for a multidisciplinary approach requests the integration of all knowledge capable of contributing to improve work and employment conditions.

According to these guidelines, the papers treasured the most:

  • address real work based on context and feasibility criteria, rather than universal and ideal criteria;

  • contribute to influence/transform specific situations;

  • mention innovative topics that help developing not only scientific knowledge, but also the know-how needed for the intervention field;

Consequently, the journal is addressed to researchers, professors and students but, on the other hand, it also has a reading audience made of professionals interested in issues related to the actual work performance.

Provided they fit the publishing policy, all texts submitted to Laboreal are assessed by two experts who take the following criteria into consideration:

  • Pertinence of the paper;

  • Originality of the paper;

  • Quality of the theoretical framework;

  • Methodological adequacy and rigor;

  • Clarity and justification of the findings;

  • Pertinence of the bibliography;

  • Coherence and balance of the text’s structure;

  • Compliance with the journal’s norms.

After that assessment, the author may be asked to make changes. The new version is then reanalysed prior to the final publishing decision.

Laboreal is committed to the fundamentals of Open Science. For that reason, it encourages the authors to give free access to the data that support the findings in the submitted papers (see Data sharing policy).

Accordingly, the journal provides open access to its contents which are fully available and free of charge both for individuals and organisations. The users may read, copy, share, print, research and use the hyperlinks to access full manuscripts and use them at their will, always within the limits of law, without the editor or the author expressed consent. Furthermore, submission and publication are not charged to the authors.

The authors are liable for the opinions expressed in the papers and the journal’s committees cannot be held responsible for their use.

By submitting a paper to Laboreal, the authors accept the editorial and ethical principles by which the journal is governed.

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