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Submissions accepted should fit into one of the following categories:

Empirical research

This section publishes papers that focus on data analysis, which must have been collected under a pre-established theoretical and methodological framework. With regard to the research itself, authors are required to clearly indicate how data was collected and analyzed, together with an explanation of the principles and processes used for data validation. Field researches should include the conditions that made them possible and any limitations to the original implementation plan. The potential transferability of the results is analyzed, as well as its contribution to the initial theoretical and methodological framework.

Reports on the work experience

This section is concerned with papers on work experiences, written under the form of reference practices putting established concepts to practice, or new ways of looking at scientific developments. Being within the context of a theoretical problem or relevant reflections, authors should base themselves on the workers’ reports of their work activity, particularly with what concerns their modus operandi and strategies they develop while performing the activity in the face of any goals they might have to meet.

This category will also include testimonies from several experts such as psychologists, engineers, ergonomists, doctors and union representatives or workers whose contribution is deemed essential to the discussion in which any given research will focus on.

Research instruments

In this section, authors present data collection instruments or methods of analysis considered to be groundbreaking or useful either to the planning or to the analysis of a work situation. Its relevance must be justified with results obtained through field research or empirical validation.

Archaeology of knowledge

This section deals with papers that seek a better understanding of the way scientific knowledge was established in the field of the work activity, citing the context of its development and the reasons behind that development.

Notable works

This section focuses on important research or concepts developed by one or more authors whose contribution became noteworthy because of its impact on scientific development, either on the theoretical or methodological plane.

Critical and topical review

Papers in this category should follow the classic style for topical reviews, but avoid the typical presentation of cited works. Authors should adopt a critical view, appraising and seeking to articulate the various points of view on the selected topic. Authors should pay particular attention to the way they approach the theoretical principles associated with the topic, its impact on current affairs and the interest and coherence of the synthesis they present in comparison with other existing reviews on the same topic.

Reply papers

Papers in this section discuss or provide a reply to other papers previously published. The general aim of this section is to create a place which allows for the comparison of different points of view on any given research.

Thesis summary

Authors should summarize their thesis mentioning the problem analyzed, theoretical framework, methodology and discussion of any consequences of the work carried out in the field.

Critical review of books

For this section, authors will choose a book to review, and may mention other writers whose work might contribute to the discussion.

Historical texts

This section seeks to prevent once prominent texts in the field from fading away. Each text is published along with a critical comment from a contemporary author.

Conference minutes

Papers from public presentations selected by the editorial committee are included under this section.

Could you repeat that?

Papers in this section are published under established protocols with other academic journals.


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