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The journal Labyrinthe was founded in 1998 with the aim of being a place of research and experimentation in literary, philosophical, historical and social knowledge. Published by Editions Hermann since 2009, it is open to all demanding and inquiring researchers regardless of age, status or theoretical orientation. In particular, Labyrinthe welcomes as many first publications as possible.

Unaffiliated with any institution or orthodoxy, Labyrinthe is an interdisciplinary—or, rather, undisciplined—journal. Because complexity, incompleteness and fragmentation are sought after, Labyrinthe encourages the shifting of points of view, the use of mixed approaches and the circulation of knowledge in general. Drawing upon specific notions, objects, contexts or spaces, the journal seeks to create a real collective working space, whilst respecting each other’s way of reasoning, method of experiment and freedom of writing.

Thus, Labyrinthe aims to give researchers the opportunity to question their practices, to grasp their distinctive features, and to experience the possibilities of bringing their ideas together.

The journal has ceased publication with Issue 41 of 2015.

Latest issue
41 | 2014-2015
Ici la Dédalie

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