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Etudes Lawrenciennes, a French peer-reviewed journal devoted to the English writer D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930), first appeared in 1986. The journal explores the different aspects of D.H. Lawrence’s prolific work, often considered as controversial and now ranked among the classics of the beginning of the 20th century. These studies cover his novels, short stories, poetry, travel books, plays, essays and painting, as well as the historical, artistic, and literary context of his work. Lawrence’s views on society, what he says of the fulfilment of the individual, of sexuality, of women and feminism, and of the relationship to the other and the foreigner, open up an inexhaustible field of research, inviting a great variety of approaches drawing on the methods of genetic, intertextual criticism and interdisciplinary studies, notably in the area of cultural history.

Scholars from all over the world contribute to this journal. Papers were published either in French or in English until n° 8; since then, all articles have been published in English.

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