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Cultures and crises

Cultures and crises

Understanding risk and resolution
Mary Douglas, Cultures and crises. Understanding risk and resolution, London, Sage, 2013, 335 p., ISBN : 9781446254677.
Notice publiée le 02 avril 2013

Présentation de l'éditeur

Written in the last two decades of her life, Cultures and Crises finds Mary Douglas developing analyses of critical conditions facing contemporary societies, sometimes in the company of distinguished co-authors across the whole gamut of social sciences.

The essays focus on the collaborative development of 'cultural theory' from the 'grid and group' analysis of the 1970s through to its application and elaboration in her later thought. The material covers questions of culture and institutions, the challenges to culture posed by climate change and the nature of risk in culture.

What emerges is the most complete picture of Mary Douglas's cultural theory that is currently available to us.

The book will add to the legions of Douglas's readers across the disciplinary divisions of the social sciences.

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