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Key concepts in youth studies

Key concepts in youth studies

Mark Cieslik, Donald Simpson, Key concepts in youth studies, London, Sage, coll. « Key concepts », 2013, 178 p., ISBN : 9781848609853.
Notice publiée le 02 avril 2013

Présentation de l'éditeur

What is youth? How do we understand youth in its social and cultural context?

In this timely and sought-after title, Mark Cieslik and Donald Simpson provide a concise and readily accessible introduction to the interdisciplinary field of youth studies. Drawing upon the latest research and developments in the field, as well as discussing the fundamental ideas underlying the discipline as a whole, it offers a comprehensive yet unpacked understanding of youth as a social phenomenon.

Illuminating the many abstract and contested concepts within youth studies, the book offers explanations to questions such as:

- How might we define youth?

- How can we understand young people in relation to their social identities and practices?

- What is the relationship between youth and social class?

- How do youth cultures develop?

- How can we understand youth in a globalized perspective?

Key Concepts in Youth Studies stands out as a natural companion for students on youth studies, sociology, criminology and social science programmes. It will also be useful for youth practitioners such as social workers and teachers.

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Mark Cieslik

Senior lecturer in Sociology, University of Northumbria.

Donald Simpson

Senior lecturer in Education, Teesside University.

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