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Citizens’ Media against Armed Conflict

Citizens’ Media against Armed Conflict

Disrupting Violence in Colombia
Clemencia Rodríguez, Citizens’ Media against Armed Conflict. Disrupting Violence in Colombia, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, coll. « Media anthropology/Latin American Studies », 2013, 328 p., ISBN : 9780816665846.
Notice publiée le 17 juin 2013

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Citizens’ media countering armed conflict and rebuilding community in Colombia.

For two years, Clemencia Rodríguez did fieldwork in regions of Colombia where leftist guerillas, right-wing paramilitary groups, the army, and drug traffickers made their presence felt in the lives of unarmed civilians. Here, Rodríguez tells the story of how these civilians use community radio, television, video, digital photography, and the Internet to shield their communities from armed violence’s negative impacts.

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Clemencia Rodríguez

Professor of communication at the University of Oklahoma.

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