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Spatial Questions

Spatial Questions

Cultural Topologies and Social Spatialisation
Rob Shields, Spatial Questions. Cultural Topologies and Social Spatialisation, London, Sage, 2013, 216 p., ISBN : 978-1-84860-665-4.
Notice publiée le 29 octobre 2013

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Our understanding of space is crucial to the way in which we understand major social problems and issues and the way we develop and maintain our worldviews. 

Building from a history of philosophical and geographical theories of space, Shields presents the importance of spatialisation and cultural topology in social theory and the possibilities that lie within these theoretical tools.

Innovative and thought-provoking, this book goes beyond traditional ideas of spatiality and temporality to understand the multiplicity of spatialisations and relates them to everyday life.

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Rob Shields

Henry Marshall Tory Chair and Professor in the Departments of Sociology and of Art and Design at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

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