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Social inequality

Social inequality

Louise Warwick-Booth, Social inequality, London, Sage, 2013, 244 p., ISBN : 978-0-85702-918-8.
Notice publiée le 20 novembre 2013

Présentation de l'éditeur

What is the state of social inequality today? How can you situate yourself in the debates?
This is an essential book that not only introduces you to the key areas, definitions and debates within the field, but also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the roots of inequality and to critically analyse power relations today.  With international examples and a clear interdisciplinary approach throughout, the book encourages you to look at social inequality as a complex social phenomenon that needs to be understood in a global context. This book:
- Looks at social divisions across societies
- Explores global processes and changes that are affecting inequalities
- Discusses social inequality in relation to class, gender and race
- Examines current social policy approaches to explore how these relate to inequality
- Reflects upon the potential solutions to inequalities

This engaging and accessible introduction to social inequality is an invaluable resource for students across the social sciences.

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Louise Warwick-Booth

Senior Lecturer in Health Policy at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

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