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The Capability Approach

The Capability Approach

From Theory to Practice
Solava Ibrahim, Meera Tiwari, The Capability Approach. From Theory to Practice, Palgrave Macmillan, coll. « 9781137001443 », 2014, 296 p..
Notice publiée le 01 septembre 2014

Présentation de l'éditeur

This collection explores how the Capability Approach (CA) can be 'brought out of the realm of ideas' to the 'realm of policy and practice'. Despite its undeniable contributions, one of the critiques against the CA is the difficulty of its application. How can human capabilities be articulated and promoted in practice? Is the CA applicable in the Global South and the Global North? What are some of the challenges encountered in its application and how can they be addressed? The authors seek to answer these research questions, making an important analytical and empirical contribution to the CA and its application. Through a series of case studies from the Global North (France, Germany and the UK) and the Global South (India, Egypt, Brazil, Ghana and Mongolia), they provide useful insights not only into the different ways and contexts in which the CA can be applied, but also into the various challenges that are encountered during these applications and the means to overcome these challenges. The volume is a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students, practitioners and academics alike. It bridges the gap between development theory and practice by explaining the importance of CA applications and the contributions these can make to the refinement of the approach itself.

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Solava Ibrahim

Lecturer, University of Manchester, UK

Meera Tiwari

Reader, University of East London, UK

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