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Against Old Europe

Against Old Europe

Critical Theory and Alter-Globalization Movements
Raphael Schlembach, Against Old Europe. Critical Theory and Alter-Globalization Movements, Ashgate, 2014, 168 p., ISBN : 978-1-4094-5333-8.
Anuncio publicado en 24 septiembre 2014

Presentación del editor

In the wake of the Iraq war, the term Old Europe was appropriated by politicians, civil society and social movement actors alike to rally in defence of supposedly social and civilized values against the perceived predatory forces of American finance.

Against Old Europe sheds light on the social movement politics encapsulated in the protest slogan 'Fight Old Europe'. Within what is broadly labelled the global justice movement, it explores a particular, radical perspective that warns against the identification with European values by movements resisting neoliberalism. Exploring the work of key theorists critical of globalization, including Habermas, Negri, Holloway, Postone and de Benoist, the book examines critical theory approaches to alter-globalization, illustrated with concrete examples of movements within contemporary Europe. In so doing, it invites readers to explore the charges of nationalism, anti-Americanism and antisemitism brought against parts of the alter-globalization movement.

Providing a new perspective on critiques of globalization, Against Old Europe will appeal to sociologists and social and political theorists studying social movements, anti-globalization activism and European politics and identity.

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Raphael Schlembach

Raphael Schlembach teaches Sociology at Liverpool Hope University, UK

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