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Private Development Aid in Europe

Private Development Aid in Europe

Foreign Aid between the Public and the Private Domain
Paul Hoebink, Lau Schulpen, Private Development Aid in Europe. Foreign Aid between the Public and the Private Domain, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 352 p., ISBN : 9781137009784.
Notice publiée le 23 décembre 2014

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This is the first book which makes a detailed analysis of private aid organizations in Europe, their historical background and current position in six European countries - Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain. The authors investigate the relation between governments and private aid organizations in terms of how both partners look at each other, what kind of agreements they have and how these have developed over the years. They analyze the subsidy arrangements between governments and private aid organizations, looking at evaluation systems (or the absence of evaluation) and the way subsidy arrangements try to promote or organize systematical evaluation.

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Paul Hoebink

Paul Hoebink is Extraordinary Professor in Development Cooperation and Director of the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen (CIDIN) at Radboud University, the Netherlands. He has worked on development cooperation from multilateral to private aid as well as on the evaluation of development policies, projects and programmes. He has taught at several European universities and also at the Diplomatic Institutes in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Pretoria, South Africa.

Lau Schulpen

Lau Schulpen is Senior Lecturer and Researcher at CIDIN. His recent research interests include citizens' initiatives in development cooperation, bilateral and private aid. He has worked as an adviser for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Development Cooperation, the Netherlands, and for several private aid organizations. 

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