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Masculinities and Place

Masculinities and Place

Andrew Gorman-Murray, Peter Hopkins, Masculinities and Place, Ashgate, 2015, 484 p., ISBN : 978-1-4724-0979-9.
Notice publiée le 16 février 2015

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Masculinities and Place bring together an impressive range of high-profile and emerging researchers to consolidate and expand new domains of interest in the geographies of men and masculinities. It is structured around key and emerging themes within recently completed and on-going research about the intersections between men, masculinities and place. Building upon broader themes in social and cultural geographies, cultural economy and urban/rural studies, the collection is organised around the key themes of: theorising masculinities and place; intersectionality; home; family; domestic labour; work; and health and well-being.

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Andrew Gorman-Murray

Andrew Gorman-Murray is a lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Western Sydney, Australia

Peter Hopkins

Peter Hopkins is Professor in Social Geography at Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

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