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The Child in Society

The Child in Society

Hazel R. Wright, The Child in Society, London, Sage, 2015, 240 p., ISBN : 9781446266335.
Notice publiée le 09 avril 2015

Présentation de l'éditeur

The child has a very special place in society, and society defines and shapes childhood. Understanding childhood is essential to early years students and this book offers a great introduction.

Taking a thematic approach, chapters cover:

  • Historical and Cultural Perspectives
  • Policy and Economic Perspectives
  • Psychological and Biological Perspectives
  • Contemporary Views.

Each chapter prompts you to reflect on core issues and interrogate your practice and attitudes towards children in your care.

This fantastic foundation will help you to begin to understand the relationship between the child and society.

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Hazel R. Wright

Anglia Ruskin University

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