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  • The Invention of Taste
    Luca Vercelloni, The Invention of Taste. A Cultural Account of Desire, Delight and Disgust in Fashion, Food and Art, London, Bloomsbury.
  • Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism
    David Scott (dir.), Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism, New York, Bloomsbury, coll. « Understanding philosophy, understanding modernism », 2017.
  • Sarah Waters: Gender & Sexual Politics
    Claire O'Callaghan, Sarah Waters: Gender & Sexual Politics, London, Bloomsbury, coll. « Bloomsbury Academic », 2017.
  • Inventing Agency
    Claudia Brodsky, Eloy Labrada, Inventing Agency. Essays on the literary and philosophical production of the modern subject, New York, Bloomsbury, coll. « Bloomsbury Academic », 2016.
  • History by Numbers
    Pat Hudson, Mina Ishizu, History by Numbers. An Introduction to Quantitative Approaches, London, New York, Bloomsbury, 2016.
  • Law, Crime & Deviance Since 1700
    Anne-Marie Kilday, David Nash (dir.), Law, Crime & Deviance Since 1700. Micro-Studies in the History of Crime, London, New York, Bloomsbury, 2016.
  • Citizen Killings
    Deane-Peter Baker, Citizen Killings. Liberalism, State Policy and Moral Risk, London, New York, Bloomsbury, 2016.
  • Food and Health in Early Modern Europe
    David Gentilcore, Food and Health in Early Modern Europe. Diet, Medicine and Society, 1450-1800, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2016.
  • Using Non-Textual Sources
    Catherine Amstrong, Using Non-Textual Sources. A Historian's Guide, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2016.
  • Thomas Kuhn's Revolutions
    James A. Marcum, Thomas Kuhn's Revolutions. A Historical and an Evolutionary Philosophy of Science?, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2015.
  • An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci
    George Hoare, Nathan Sperber, An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci. His Life, Thought and Legacy, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2015.
  • Sonic Possible Worlds
    Salome Voegelin, Sonic Possible Worlds. Hearing the Continuum of Sound, London, Bloomsbury, 2014.
  • Ethnography for the Internet
    Christine Hine, Ethnography for the Internet. Embedded, Embodied and Everyday, London, Bloomsbury, 2015.
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