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The Italian welfare state in a European perspective

The Italian welfare state in a European perspective

A comparative analysis
Ugo Ascoli, Emmanuele Pavolini (dir.), The Italian welfare state in a European perspective. A comparative analysis, Bristol, Policy Press, coll. « Social Policy / Social Studies », 2015, 388 p., ISBN : 9781447316886.
Notice publiée le 28 septembre 2015

Présentation de l'éditeur

There is a need to understand the Italian welfare state, but as yet it has received little academic research attention. The Italian Welfare State in a European Perspective is the first book to explore the evolution of Italy's welfare state in the decades since the ‘Trente Glorieuses’ (1945–75).

It offers a rare overview and analysis of the Italian situation based on an in-depth study of the main social policy fields (including education, higher education and taxation policies), a detailed analysis of the connection between policies and their outputs/outcomes and a comparative perspective framing the Italian case within the European context.

This is the first English-language book to take a comparative look at the Italian welfare state as a whole since the 2008 economic crisis, It will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers, as well as students.

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Ugo Ascoli (dir.)

Ugo Ascoli is Full Professor of Economic Sociology and Social Policy at the Marche Polytechnic University (Italy). He has published many articles and books on the Italian welfare state, welfare policies and voluntary organisations.

Emmanuele Pavolini (dir.)

Emmanuele Pavolini is Associate Professor of Economic Sociology at the Macerata University (Italy). His research focuses on health care policies, social care policies and the transformation of the Italian welfare state in a comparative perspective.

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