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Varna System and Class Struggle in Nepal

Varna System and Class Struggle in Nepal

Aahuti, Varna System and Class Struggle in Nepal, Nepal, Samata Foundation, 2014, 266 p., Traduit du népalais par Mahesh Raj Maharjan and Kiran Darnal, ISBN : 9789937837286.
Notice publiée le 19 novembre 2015

Présentation de l'éditeur

Much has been written in India on Dalitness and on the nature of relationship between Dalit and others. However, among them, very few have been able to capture the higher historical-theoretical perspective on Dalitness… This book should be translated into at least the Maithili and Hindi languages. It should be studied by even more intellectuals and politicians in South Asia. Additionally, simplified and concise portions of the book should be included in the school and college curriculums.

Professor Chaitanya Mishra, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tribhuvan University.

If a meeting was conducted at the house of Brahman or Chhetri, I repeatedly experienced the compulsion for some to sit inside the room and some outside for reading the circulars. It is a great misfortune that, even after experiencing such problems, attention has not been directed to researching the Hindu feudalism that has been posing serious obstacles on class unity. Such deplorable conditions inside political parties clearly indicate the reality of the extent that Hindu feudalism directly and indirectly shapes the structure and thinking process in the political parties.

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Aahuti has been active in political struggle and Dalit liberation movement of Nepal for the last two decades. He has worked in leadership positions in Nepal Utpidit Dalit Jatiya Mukti Samaj and Nepal Rastriya Dalit Mukti Sangathan. Currently a politbureau member of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Aahuti was the co-in-charge of Dalit Department and a member of the constituent assembly. He has published many articles on Dalit movement and contemporary politics.

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