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Thomas Kuhn's Revolutions

Thomas Kuhn's Revolutions

A Historical and an Evolutionary Philosophy of Science?
James A. Marcum, Thomas Kuhn's Revolutions. A Historical and an Evolutionary Philosophy of Science?, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2015, 288 p., ISBN : 9781472530493.
Notice publiée le 09 mars 2016

Présentation de l'éditeur

This new edition of Thomas Kuhn's Revolution marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Kuhn's most influential work. Drawing on the rich archival sources at MIT, and engaging fully with current scholarship, James Marcum provides the historical background to the development of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Exploring the shift Kuhn makes from a historical to an evolutionary philosophy of science and examining Kuhn's legacy in depth, Marcum answers key questions: What exactly was Kuhn's historiographic revolution and how did it come about? Why did it have the impact it did? What will its future impact be for both academia and society? Marcum's answers build a new portrait of Kuhn: his personality, his pedagogical style and the intellectual and social context in which he practiced his trade.

Thomas Kuhn's Revolution shows how Kuhn transcends the boundaries of the philosophy of science, influencing sociologists, economists, theologians and even policy makers and politicians. This is a comprehensive historical and conceptual introduction to the man who changed our understanding of science.

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James A. Marcum

James Marcum, Baylor University, USA.

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