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Multilevel Network Analysis for the Social Sciences

Multilevel Network Analysis for the Social Sciences

Theory, Methods and Applications
Emmanuel Lazega, Tom A. B. Snijders (dir.), Multilevel Network Analysis for the Social Sciences. Theory, Methods and Applications, Heidelberg, Springer, coll. « Methodos », 2015, 375 p., ISBN : 978-3-319-24518-8.
Notice publiée le 17 mars 2017

Présentation de l'éditeur

This volume provides new insights into the functioning of organizational, managerial and market societies. Multilevel analysis and social network analysis are described and the authors show how they can be combined in developing the theory, methods and empirical applications of the social sciences. This book maps out the development of multilevel reasoning and shows how it can explain behavior, through two different ways of contextualizing it. First, by identifying levels of influence on behavior and different aggregations of actors and behavior, and complex interactions between context and behavior. Second, by identifying different levels as truly different systems of agency: such levels of agency can be examined separately and jointly since the link between them is affiliation of members of one level to collective actors at the superior level. It is by combining these approaches that this work offers new insights. New case studies and datasets that explore new avenues of theorizing and new applications of methodology are presented. This book will be useful as a reference work for all social scientists, economists and historians who use network analyses and multilevel statistical analyses. Philosophers interested in the philosophy of science or epistemology will also find this book valuable.

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Emmanuel Lazega (dir.)

Institut d'études politiques de Paris, SCP CSO-CNRS Paris (France).

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Tom A. B. Snijders (dir.)

Department of Sociology, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) ; Nuffield College, University of Oxford (UK).

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