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Import/Export: Thai English As Transnational Sexuality Studies

Import/Export: Thai English As Transnational Sexuality Studies

Jillana B. Enteen, Import/Export: Thai English As Transnational Sexuality Studies, Hillsboro, Onyx Neon Press, 2015, 246 p., ISBN : 978-0985451967.
Notice publiée le 04 avril 2017

Présentation de l'éditeur

"In Import/Export, Jillana Enteen provides a fascinating ethnographic study of the adaptation of terms for sex and gender in particuliar subcultures in Thailand. From these local, time-specific explorations, she is able to make wider claims about what non-Thais, western readers interested in Transnational Sexualities, might be able to learn - not only about THailand but, more importantly, about how knowledge is systemically structured, and how our own assumptions about sex and gender remain stubbornly "naturalized" even as we study those of others. Enteen challenges readers to recognize their central assumptions without requiring of her readers a direct confrontation. This valuable and eminently readable book provides a much-needed contribution to not only Thai Studies, but also the burgoning interest in Transnational Sexualities."

Cora Kaplan, Professor Emerita of English, Univ of Southamption; Honorary Professor, Queen Mary, University of London.

"Dr Enteen brings to life important contemporary socio-political and cultural issues around negotiations between imported and local conceptions of sexualities and genders, looking at the globalization of Thailand through its participation in international markets. This study maps the intersections of gender, class, culture and economics through an examination of visual representations, and what Enteen terms as "uneven communication in English", which is indeed the dominant language of contemporary market economies. Enteen's work is an excellent example of how contextual, in-depth analysis of one particular node withing the global economy can shed light on how the categories of gender, race, class and geography can be nuanced using careful study of postcolonial contexts as they connect with contemporary global market economy frameworks."

Radhika Gajjala, Professor of Media & Communication and AMerican Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University.


1. Thailand, Bangkok

2. Gender and Secuality Studies

3. Queer Theory

4. Sex Differences

5. Gender identity

6. Sex Differentiation

7. Transnational Sexuality Studies

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Jillana B. Enteen

Jillana B. Enteen is an Associate Professor of Instruction in Gender & Sexuality Studies and serves on the Asian American Studies and Asian Studies Program Faculty, Northwestern University.

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