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The Sociology of Early Childhood

The Sociology of Early Childhood

Critical Perspectives
Norman Gabriel, The Sociology of Early Childhood. Critical Perspectives, Sage, 2017, 176 p., ISBN : 9781446272992.
Notice publiée le 17 mai 2017

Présentation de l'éditeur

The Sociology of Early Childhood is a theoretically and historically grounded examination of young children’s experiences in contemporary society.

Arguing that a sociology of early childhood must bring together and integrate different disciplines, this book:

  • Synthesizes different sociological perspectives on childhood as well as incorporating multi-disciplinary research findings on the lives of young children
  • Explains key theoretical concepts in early childhood studies such as investment, early intervention, professional power and discourse
  • Examines the importance of play, memory and place
  • Evaluates long term parenting trends
  • Uses illustrative examples and case studies, discussion questions and annotated further reading to engage and stimulate readers

Invigorating and thought provoking, this is an invaluable read for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students looking for a more nuanced and progressive understanding of childhood. 

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