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Challenging the Anglo-Saxon Hegemony
Catherine Coron, Louise Dalingwater (dir.), Wellbeing. Challenging the Anglo-Saxon Hegemony, Paris, Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, coll. « Regards économiques », 2017, 189 p., ISBN : 9782878547115.
Notice publiée le 28 juin 2017

Présentation de l'éditeur

The authors of this volume set out to find whether there are any specific cultural features of the Anglo-American notion of wellbeing or whether there is a specific model. Among the wealth of literature on wellbeing over the last few years, a number of studies (mainly empirical) have analysed the impact of different cultures on wellbeing. Nevertheless, studies of the influence of culture and different civilisations have tended to take a very broad perspective (East-West, the Western world vs the developing world, collective vs individualistic cultures). This volume takes quite a different approach by exploring the influence of culture within the Anglosphere and more particularly Anglo-American wellbeing, to examine whether two countries, with similar cultural roots and strong adherence to neo-liberal policies, conceive of wellbeing in the same manner.

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