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Bourdieu and Education

Bourdieu and Education

Dir. : Diane Reay
Diane Reay (dir.), Bourdieu and Education, New York, Routledge, coll. « Education and Social Theory », 2018, 218 p., ISBN : 9781138334731.
Notice publiée le 04 décembre 2018

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Specially selected by Diane Reay, this is a collection of innovative and thought-provoking recently published papers that 'use' Bourdieu to put theory into practice in order to understand and analyse educational problems. Bourdieu's work is renowned for its focus on inequalities and its centering of social justice.

The contributions utilise a wide range of diverse concepts in Bourdieu's theoretical 'tool-kit', and address educational inequalities across different aspects of the educational system – from higher education and parental choice of schooling, to teachers' professional development and the PE classroom. Illuminating key aspects of Bourdieu's scholarship, they reveal how good Bourdieu is 'for thinking with’; illustrate the merits of reflexivity, the move beyond binary ways of reading the social world; and demonstrate the significance of power in any analysis of education.

The chapters in this book were all originally published as articles in Taylor and Francis journals.

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Diane Reay (dir.)

Diane Reay is a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics, UK and Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her main research interests are social justice issues in education, Pierre Bourdieu's social theory and cultural analyses of social class, race and gender. Her most recent book is Miseducation: Inequality, Education and the Working Classes (2017).

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