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Circulation of Academic Thought

Circulation of Academic Thought

Rethinking Translation in the Academic Field
Rafael Y. Schögler (dir.), Circulation of Academic Thought. Rethinking Translation in the Academic Field, Berlin, Peter Lang, 2019, 216 p., ISBN : 9783631765715.
Notice publiée le 09 avril 2019

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Academic thought circulates on a time-space continuum: authors, ideas and methods are discovered, discussed, discarded, praised, rewritten, refracted, transformed, transposed and translated. The contributors of this anthology develop cross-disciplinary approaches to study and understand translation of academic thought. They critically engage with the relationship of translation and meaning formation, context and style, as well as with the social and discursive positioning of translators in academic fields and beyond. Furthermore, the agents negotiating intellectual exchange are placed in specific political and historical contexts as well as respective scholarly frameworks of economics, philosophy, sociology and related fields.

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Rafael Y. Schögler (dir.)

Rafael Y. Schögler works in the field of translation studies at the University of Graz. His research interests include sociology of translation, translation theory and translation in the social sciences and humanities.

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