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Women in Policing

Women in Policing

Between Assimilation and Opposition
Hannah Reiter, Women in Policing. Between Assimilation and Opposition, Baden-Baden, Nomos, coll. « Arbeit, Organisation und Diversität in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft », 2022, 212 p., ISBN : 9783848786572.
Notice publiée le 30 mars 2022

Présentation de l'éditeur

Based on extensive interview data, this study argues that in the countries it studies (Austria, England & Wales) the police force consists of highly entrenched structures that perpetuate gender divisions and the hegemonic position of masculinity. In order to create a fully inclusive workplace, the police force needs to be rethought rather than the proportion of women in this masculinised work environment simply being increased. Existing gender equality measures in the police force are merely fighting symptoms instead of addressing causes. Structural change, reinforced by legal measures, seems to be stagnating, while broader discursive and cultural change is being neglected.

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Hannah Reiter

Hannah Reiter is currently a post-doctoral researcher at VICESSE (Vienna Centre for Societal Security). Her research focuses on the sociology of law, police research and legal gender studies.

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