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Social Science Experiments

Social Science Experiments

A Hands-on Introduction
Donald P. Green, Social Science Experiments. A Hands-on Introduction, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2022, 162 p., ISBN : 9781009186971.
Anuncio publicado en 22 abril 2024

Presentación del editor

This book is designed for an undergraduate, one-semester course in experimental research, primarily targeting programs in sociology, political science, environmental studies, psychology, and communications. Aimed at those with limited technical background, this introduction to social science experiments takes a practical, hands-on approach. After explaining key features of experimental designs, Green takes students through exercises designed to build appreciation for the nuances of design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation. Using applications and statistical examples from many social science fields, the textbook illustrates the breadth of what may be learned through experimental inquiry. A chapter devoted to research ethics introduces broader ethical considerations, including research transparency. The culminating chapter prepares readers for their own social science experiments, offering examples of studies that can be conducted ethically, inexpensively, and quickly. Replication datasets and R code for all examples and exercises are available online.

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Donald P. Green

Donald P. Green is Burgess Professor of Political Science at Columbia University. His path-breaking research uses experiments to study topics such as voting, prejudice, mass media, and gender-based violence.

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