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Lengas, Journal of Sociolinguistics

Since it was first published in 1977, Lengas has been a regularly issued sociolinguistic journal; it is a precious source of information and reflection on questions dealing with the use and social evaluation of languages. On the basis of a real case, the Occitan language, considered in its geographical and historical entirety from the medieval period until now, Lengas has developed a meticulous and also open-minded analysis about situations of linguistic antagonisms and diglossia. You will find close studies carried out on field inquiries and archive documents—printed matter, manuscripts, direct or indirect accounts—, more theoretical and synthetic essays and also methodological approaches, some of which have now become “standard works”.

Because of the diversity of its contributors and multiplicity of the teaching approaches to various subjects such as history, sociology, sociolinguistics, history of the literary practice, bibliography and also geography, Lengas offers a critical panorama of the knowledge acquired by sociolinguistic research in the last thirty years. You will also find, alongside with assessments of other linguistic situations in Europe and in the world, a wide range of documents and analyses on the Occitan culture from the Middle Ages until now.

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