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8 | mars 2014
Collège de France Newsletter n°8

Published annually since the 2005/2006 academic­ year, the English-language Collège de France Newsletter (formerly The Letter of the Collège de France) is an anthology of translated articles selected from the two or three yearly issues of La Lettre du Collège de France, which was launched in January 2001. Both the French and English publications mirror the life of the institution, its inaugural lectures, lectures and seminars, and include information and announcements relating to the Collège de France’s Chairs and professors: interviews with professors, in-depth analyses of current debates, reviews of the institution’s and its professors’ publications and act­ivities, as well as institutional fact-sheets. 

The Collège de France Newsletter is but one of the means through which the Collège de France dissemin­ates teaching and research throughout the world. It is also available on Most art­icles included in this issue were first published in nos. 36 and 37 (Academic year 2012/2013). 

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