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Faculty facts and data 2012/2013

The Collège de France Committee on Scientific and Strategic Orientation (coss)

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1The Committee on Scientific and Strategic Orientation (COSS) was created by the Collège de France in 2003. The COSS consists of 12 leading scholars and scientists from abroad, chosen by the Faculty, which also appoints the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

2The role of the COSS is to analyse the Collège de France’s scientific and strategic orientations and the conditions for fulfilling its missions, so that it can make recommendations on how these might evolve or be enhanced. The COSS also examines the coherence­ of the institution’s strategy, the significance and the exploitation of the multidisciplinarity of its Chairs, its international policy, the adequacy of its research resources in relation to its objectives, and the optimization of its administrative structures. The COSS is not expected to examine individually the scientific activities of each Chair, as these are evaluated by outside experts.

3The members of the COSS are appointed for a period of four years, and half of the Committee is renewed every four years.

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