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Faculty facts and data 2011/2012


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Texte intégral

1Administrateur: Serge Haroche, Quantum Physics

2Vice-President: John Scheid, Religion, Institutions and Society in Ancient Rome

3Secretary: Marc Fontecave, Chemistry of Biological Processes

Mathematics, physics, and naturals sciences

4Alain CONNES, Analysis and Geometry

5Jean-Christophe YOCCOZ, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

6Pierre-Louis Lions, Partial Differential Equations and Applications

7Don Zagier, Number Theory

8Gérard Berry, Algorithms, Machines and Languages

9Serge Haroche, Quantum Physics

10Jean Dalibard, Atoms and Radiation

11Michel Devoret, Mesoscopic Physics

12Antoine Georges, Physics of Condensed Matter

13Gabriele Veneziano, Elementary Particles, Gravitation and Cosmology

14Barbara Romanowicz, Physics of the Earth’s Interior

15Édouard Bard, Climate and Ocean Evolution

16Antoine Labeyrie, Observational Astrophysics

17Clément Sanchez, Chemistry of Hybrid Materials

18Marc Fontecave, Chemistry of Biological Processes

19Jean-Louis Mandel, Human Genetics

20Christine Petit, Genetics and Cellular Physiology

21Edith Heard, Epigenetics and Cellular Memory

22Alain Prochiantz, Morphogenetic Processes

23Philippe Sansonetti, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

24Stanislas Dehaene, Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Social sciences and humanities

25Nicolas Grimal, Pharaonic Civilization: Archeology, Philology, History

26Thomas Römer, The Hebrew Bible and its Contexts

27Denis Knoepfler, Epigraphy and History of the Ancient Greek Cities

28John Scheid, Religion, Institutions and Society in Ancient Rome

29Jean-Pierre Brun, Techniques and Economics in the Ancient Mediterranean

30Jean Kellens, Indo-Iranian Languages and Religions

31Anne Cheng, Intellectual History of China

32Pierre-Étienne Will, History of Modern China

33Jean-Noël Robert, Philology of Japanese Civilization

34Henry Laurens, Contemporary Arab History

35Roger Chartier, Writings and Cultures in Modern Europe

36Michel Zink, Literatures of Medieval France

37Antoine Compagnon, Modern and Contemporary French Literature: History, Criticism, Theory

38Carlo Ossola, Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe

39Claudine Tiercelin, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge

40Philippe Descola, Anthropology of Nature

41Roger Guesnerie, Economic Theory and Social Organization

42Alain Supiot, The Welfare State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity

43Pierre Rosanvallon, Modern and Contemporary History of Politics

Annual Chairs

Artistic Creation

44Karol Beffa, Music: Art, Technique, Knowledge (2012-2013)

45Gilles Clément, Gardens, Landscape and “Natural Genius” (2011-2012)

Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society

46Anny Cazenave, Studying the Earth and the Environment from Space (2012-2013)

47Paul Colonna, Challenges and Issues Facing Sustainable Development (2011-2012)

Knowledge against Poverty

48Dominique Kerouedan, The Geopolitics of Global Health (2012-2013)

49Manuela Carneiro Da Cunha, Indigenous Knowledge (2011-2012)

Information Technology and Digital Sciences (2011-2012)

50Bernard Chazelle, Computer Sciences (2012-2013)

51Serge Abiteboul, Data sciences: from First-Order Logic to the Web (2011-2012)

Technological Innovation Liliane Bettencourt

52Yves Bréchet, Materials Science: From Materials Discovered by Chance to Made-to-Measure Materials (2012-2013)

53Jean-Paul Laumond, Robotics: Back to Hephaestus (2011-2012)

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