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Faculty facts and data 2011/2012


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Institute for the Study of the Contemporary World

1Director: Prof. Pierre Rosanvallon, Modern and Contemporary History of Politics

2Prof. Philippe Descola, Anthropology of Nature

3Prof. Roger Guesnerie, Economic Theory and Social Organization

4Prof. Henry Laurens, Contemporary Arab History

5Emeritus Professors:

6Prof. Mireille Delmas-MartY, Comparative Legal Studies and Internationalization (2003-2011)

7Prof. Jon Elster, Rationality and Social Sciences (2006-2011)

8Contact information:

Institute of Literary Studies

9Director: Prof. Michel Zink, Literatures of Medieval France

10Prof. Roger CHARTIER, Writings and Cultures in Modern Europe

11Prof. Antoine Compagnon, Modern and Contemporary French Literature: History, Criticism, Theory

12Prof. Carlo Ossola, Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe

13Prof. Jean-Noël ROBERT, Philology of Japanese Civilization

14Emeritus Professors:
Prof. Yves Bonnefoy, Comparative Studies of the Poetic Function (1981-1993)

15Prof. Michael Edwards, Literary Creation in English (2002-2008)

16Prof. Marc Fumaroli, Rhetoric and Society in Europe (16th-17th centuries) (1987-2002)

17Prof. Roland Recht, History of European Medieval and Modern Art (2001-2012)
Prof. Harald Weinrich, Romance Languages and Literatures (1992-1998)

18Contact information:

Oriental Institutes

19Deputy Director, President of the Institutes:

20Prof. Pierre-Étienne Will, History of Modern China

21Scientific information: Hubert Delahaye

22Contact information:

Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies (IHEC)

23Director: Prof. Pierre-Étienne Will, History of Modern China

24Contact information:

Institute of Indian Studies

25Director: Prof. Jean Kellens, Indo-Iranian Languages and Religions

26Contact information:

Institute of Advanced Japanese Studies (IHEJ)

27Director: Prof. Jean-Noël Robert, Philology of Japanese Civilization

28Contact information:

Institute of Tibetan Studies

29Director: Françoise Robin

30Contact information:

Institute of Korean Studies

31Director: Alain Delissen

32Contact information:

Institute of the Ancient Near East (IPOA)

33Director: Prof. Thomas Römer, The Hebrew Bible and its Contexts

34Contact information:

Institute of Egyptology

35Director: Prof. Nicolas Grimal,
Pharaonic Civilization: Archaeology, Philology, History
Contact information:

Institute of Arab, Turkish and Islamic studies

36Director: Prof. Gilles Veinstein (†), Turkish and Ottoman History (1999-2011)

Institute of Byzantine Studies

37Director: Jean-Claude Cheynet, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, IUF

38Contact information:

Institute of Biology

39Director: Prof. Alain Prochiantz, Morphogenetic Processes
Contact information:

Chairs of Biology with laboratories at the Collège de France (Place Marcelin Berthelot):

40Prof. Pierre Corvol, Experimental Medicine (Emeritus Professor 1989-2012)

41Prof. Alain Prochiantz, Morphogenetic Processes

Chairs of Biology with laboratories outside the Collège de France:

42Prof. Stanislas Dehaene, Experimental Cognitive Psychology

43Prof. Edith HEARD, Epigenetics and Cellular Memory

44Prof. Jean-Louis Mandel, Human Genetics

45Prof. Christine Petit, Genetics and Cellular Physiology

46Prof. Philippe Sansonetti, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

47Emeritus Professor:

48Prof. Philippe KourilskY, Molecular Immunology (1998-2012)

Resident Research Teams

CIRB: Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (CNRS/UMR 7241 INSERM U1050)

49Director: Prof. Alain Prochiantz, Morphogenetic Processes

50Contact information:

51The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (CIRB) is a new Collège de France/CNRS/INSERM research structure located at the Collège de France in the center of Paris. This organization hosts nine research teams from different disciplines in order to foster new collaborations within the biological fields and across the usual disciplinary divide. In the long term, the nine founding groups, specialized in the fields of infectious diseases, neurosciences, and cardio-vascular research, will be joined by as many new resident research teams, primarily junior ones, including chemists, physicists, and mathe­maticians, who share an interest in the biological sciences. The Center will benefit from its proximity both to several other laboratories and to an extraordinary rich intellectual milieu that offers conferences on all aspects of knowledge. Outside the Collège de France, the CIRB has developed close ties with high profile neighbouring institutions, in particular the École normale supérieure and the Curie Institute.

52Neural Circuits and Behavior
Director: Alexander Fleischmann

53Junctional Communication and Neuro-Glio-Vascular Interactions
Director: Christian Giaume, DR1 Cnrs

54Smile: Stochastic Models for the Inference of Life Evolution
Director: Amaury Lambert, UPMC

55Central Neuropeptides in Cardiovascular and Hydric Regulation
Director: Catherine LLORENS-CORTES, DR1 Inserm

56Mice, Molecules and Synapse Formation
Director: Fekrije SELIMI, CR1 Inserm

57Mathematical Neuroscience Laboratory
Director: Jonathan TOUBOUL, CR Inria

58Intercellular Communication and Bacterial Infections
Director: Guy TRAN VAN NHIEU, DR2 Inserm

59Dynamics and Pathophysiology of Neuronal Networks
Director: Laurent VENANCE, DR2 Inserm

60Asymmetric Divisions in Oocytes
Director: Marie-Hélène VERLHAC, DR2 Cnrs

Other Resident Research Teams

61Laboratory of Physiology of Perception and Action (CNRS UMR7152)
Director: Sidney Wiener

62Internormativities in Criminal Law
Director: Stefano Manacorda

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